File policy


✅ YOU CAN use the files for personal purposes


✅❗ You can sell the PHYSICAL items made by my files if you are a small businesses of up to 30 times (ordinary purchase allows to produce 30 ready-made items). For larger production contact me.
For larger production please contact me (
❗ You must indicate my authorship on your Internet pages (websites, marketplaces, social networks, etc.) in the product description with the line "© Designed by Ivan Bilous" or "© Designed by VectorPainter".
❗ You can share ONLY PRINTED of the instructions with the removal of my contacts (on the first and last page).
⛔ YOU CANNOT share, redistribute or resell the files.
⛔ YOU CANNOT use my pictures
⛔ Copyright is not transferable with the sale.


⛔ the use of my files in all sanctioned territories, including the territory of the occupying country of the russian federation and their citizens, is prohibited