Custom and personalized orders
Unfortunately, now I would like to devote more time to creating new designs for my store, therefore I don't accept custom orders. But you can feel free to text me a private message, perhaps yours ideas will coincide with mine


Sizing details
If you need to change thickness of material then I can scale the file for free.

But most likely I will not be able to change the thickness of the material while maintaining the original size, as it takes a lot of time and is almost equivalent to creating a new design. But feel free to contact me, maybe I will help you


Assembly instructions

Simple models don't include assembly instructions. All difficult models have PDF assembly instructions. More info read in the description of item


Wholesale availability
Yes. Use promocodes for discount

3 files - WHOLESALE3 - 15%
5 files - WHOLESALE5 - 20%
10 files - WHOLESALE10 - 30%


I did not receive the files

Please check your e-mail in the Inbox and Spam folders (Maybe the letter got there by mistake).

If this does not help, please contact us ivan.bilous95gmail.com or in social networks

We will solve this problem


Personal using

✅ YOU CAN use the files for personal purposes


Commercial using

✅❗ ❗You can sell the PHYSICAL items made by my files if you are a small businesses of up to 300 times (ordinary purchase allows to produce 300 ready-made items). For larger production contact me.
For larger production please contact me (ivan.bilous95@gmail.com)
❗ You must indicate my authorship on your Internet pages (websites, marketplaces, social networks, etc.) in the product description with the line "© Designed by Ivan Bilous" or "© Designed by VectorPainter".
❗ You can share ONLY PRINTED of the instructions with the removal of my contacts (on the first and last page).
⛔ YOU CANNOT share, redistribute or resell the files.
⛔ YOU CANNOT use my pictures
⛔ Copyright is not transferable with the sale.


Can I use your files on Cricut machine?

All designs include SVG files that will open on Cricut machine but since I prepare the files for laser cutting the inner and outer lines of the parts have different colors. This means that in the Cricut work space they will be displayed as separate objects.
Also some of designs include lines for engraving and score that cannot work for Cricut and should be removed.
I can do it for free for you, just let me know.

Also don't forget that in 3D designs it is important to use the material of the thickness for which the file is prepared. If the material is thinner, it will often not hold together and the holes will be too large.


Can I use this file on CNC MILLIING machine?

All designs are prepared exclusively for laser machines.

I have never worked with a milling machine, but I know that these files can be opened on a milling machine software, but you need to set up the file correctly yourself, namely, the outer carved contour of the parts must be cut from the outside of the lines, and the inner one from the inside so that all connections work well.

Please also note that the milling machine cannot cut small parts


Do I need to use a glue for assembly?

I add small semi-circular notches at the joints that allow the parts to connect without glue.

But if the thickness of your laser beam is large due to the incorrectly set focal length (the distance from the laser head to the wood), then these notches can burn out, which will affect the assembly.
Also, if you use softer material, then these notches may not be enough either for holding the parts.

In any case, for the product to serve you longer, I recommend gluing the parts.

Some flat layered designs require the use a glue


Parts do not fit together

Typically fitting issues are related to the thickness of the material you are using does not match the thickness of the material in the file. Therefore, first of all, you need to check all measurements.

1) Check the thickness of the plywood you are using with a caliper.

2) Usually, the archive that you downloaded includes several versions of the file, which are divided into folders, which correspond to the thicknesses: for example, 3 mm, 1/8 "(3.175mm), 4mm, 6mm, 1/4" (6.35mm).
You only need to use the file from the folder that matches your material thickness.
After you have imported the file into your laser software, check the hole widths to make sure the file was imported correctly.

The width of the holes must be exactly equal to the thickness of the material.

If the real thickness and thickness in the file differ by more than 0.3mm (0.012 inch), there may be assembly problems.
If the real thickness is greater, then the parts will not join together, and if the thickness is less, then the parts will not stick together.

If your real thickness is slightly different, then it is easy to fix it by scaling the file. Just tell me the value and I will send you an updated file.
Or you can do it yourself using this algorithm. (I wrote it following the example of CorelDraw, but you can do a similar action in any laser software)


Is VAT charged on purchases?

No, VAT is not charged. If this is important to you, you can purchase the file on my Etsy store, where the marketplace automatically adds VAT depending on the buyer's region.