How to scale a laser file to the thickness you need

I will show on the example of CorelDraw, but the main thing is to understand the principle. Similar tools have all vector editors

For example you have file of the box for 3 mm thickness, but your plywood is 3.2 mm

1. First check the thickness of file

2. Select all parts and Click the lock (Maintain the ratio of height and length)

3. Multiply the length or width by thickness you need and divide by the current thickness and text it in the size text box

In my case, I have to multiply 306 by 3.2 and divide by 3

306 * 3.2 / 3 = 326.4

4. Text 326.4 instead of 306.0 and click ENTER

In CorelDraw, you can write the formula directly into the text box (use a comma as a fraction separator)

If you did everything correctly, then by checking the thickness you will get 3.2 mm